CC.Opiela has gone virtual! 

While the brick and mortar gallery closed in 2016, you can still experience CC's dynamic and colorful art both online and at a variety of galleries in Colorado and Florida. 

Click here to explore what CC's working on now and to update your space with the movement and spirit of her work. 


Cover of Vail Magazine, Winter 2014



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. . . "David Spears, center, and his wife, Laurie, view the work of C.C. Opiela at the C.C. Opiela Gallery on Friday night, March 2, 2012, during First Fridays on Santa Fe Drive."

Jewels of the Forest -, January 2012

. . . "Through masterful color and characteristic abstraction, C.C. Opiela brings us an exciting new series of non-traditional landscapes..."

An artist with an eye for energy - Summit News, January 2012

. . . "Fiery, bold and engaging are all words that can be used to describe the aura of artist C.C. Opiela."

Artists to Watch: C.C. Opiela - Art Business News, September 2010

. . . "When someone looks at my art, I'm challenging their imaginative side to open up and let the art speak to them."

C.C. Opiela Gallery Charity Exhibition - Denver Magazine, March 2010

. . . "Local artists Paul Gorka, C.C. Opiela, and Pamela Kelker have teamed with local philanthropist and art enthusiast Richard K. Brown to host a two-week gallery display to benefit the Caruso Family Charities and International Arts Movement."

First Friday - Denver Magazine, December 2008

. . . Gallery owner and artist C.C. Opiela says she finds the eagerness of enthusiasts to learn and engage inspiring: "It's the excitement and energy of the people. They're willing to come out and get experience with art and understand art, not just the landscapes and the portraits, but the creative process. Everyone feeds off of each other's energy, trying to understand, absorb and even talk to the artists because that's the one time, in most galleries, that the artists will be there to talk about their work."

Local Artist C.C. Opiela Opens Denver's Newest Gallery - BNET, July 2008

. . . Celebrated artist C.C. Opiela announces the opening of the area's newest art gallery at 840 Santa Fe Drive in Denver, Colorado. To commemorate the opening of the C.C. Opiela Gallery, delegates from the Colorado Women's Chamber of Commerce will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Thursday, August 14, 2008, from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Outside the C.C. Opiela Gallery during a summer First Friday

Outside the C.C. Opiela Gallery during a summer First Friday

C.C. Opiela Gallery as pictured in the Denver Magazine

C.C. Opiela Gallery as pictured in the Denver Magazine